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Bernhard Horwitz was a German composer of around studies. Along with Josef Kling, he authored the first anthology of endgames in Genrikh Kasparian was one of the first Grandmasters of Chess Compositions.

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He is considered to have been one of the greatest composers of chess endgame studies ever. In he wrote Domination in Endgame Studies. He composed about studies and won 57 first places. Cyril S.

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Kipping of England was one of the most prolific composer of chess problems in the world. He composed over 7, chess problems in his lifetime. Karl Leonid Kubbel was a Russian endgame composer and problemist. He composed over 1, endgame studies and problems.

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  • He is considered one of the greatest of all endgame composers. Sam Loyd was known as the Puzzle King. He produced over 10, puzzles in his lifetime. He was the most famous American chess composer. He composed over chess problems. Comins Mansfield was one of the most famous of all problem composers.

    He composed chess problems for 72 years. In he was one of the first four to be awarded the title of Grandmaster for Chess Compositions. He was the first British chess player to become a chess Grandmaster but for Composition, not over-the-board play. William Meredith was a problem composer.

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    He composed about chess problems in his career. A problem in which there are from 8 to 12 men on the board is called a Meredith a problem of less than 8 men is called a miniature. His father was once the U. Secretary of the Treasury Geoffrey Mott-Smith was a prolific chess problem composer. John Nunn , is a British grandmaster and composer of over studies. In and , he won the world championship for solving of chess compositions. He is an expert in compiling endgame tablebases for chess-playing engines. Joseph Peckover was the best known American chess composer in the early 20th century.

    He was born in England but immigrated to New York in He was the endgame editor for the American Chess Quarterly from to He composed over endings. Vasily Platov and Mikhail Platov were Latvian brothers that teamed together to compose over endgames. In they wrote Selection of Chess Studies. Henri Rinck was a French endgame composer. He settled in Spain in In he wrote Fins de Parties. He published 1, chess studies and won 58 first place prizes.

    He is considered one of the founders of modern endgame composing. John Roycoft is an English GM of chess composition. In , he founded EG, the quarterly chess magazine entirely dedicated to endgame studies. He published over 3, problems. Alexei Troitsky is regarded as the greatest chess composer of endgame studies.


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    He has over 1, studies to his credit. He is considered the father of the contemporary school of study composition. He was editor of StrateGems, the publication of the Society of U. Chess Problemists. In , he became the first American to be awarded the title of Grandmaster for chess composition. Alain Campbell White was an American problem composer and chess patron.

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    For 32 years, from to , he published the Christmas series of chess problems. He did more than any other player to promote worldwide interest in chess problems. Tags: chess composition; studies. Log In Name: Password: I forgot my password? Register to play online chess! Log in to play online chess. Cookies must be enabled in your browser to play online chess. Great Chess Composers Compositions are chess positions other than which arises during a chess game, usually, but not necessarily, composed for solving.

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    Here are some famous chess composers. Richard Reti was a Czech master and composer of about studies. Aleksei Selesniev was a strong Soviet endgame composer and chess master. Daily Online Chess Puzzle. Bookmark this site! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. We took the screenshot from the table provided by Roxlau, but due to regulations are not allowed to show the author names regarding each entry.

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    Still we hope it offers a small view into the judging process. The judges coordinated their efforts to find anticipations and cooks in a shared Excel file. In addition, of each of the latest three WCCIs, a top study is shown. As the winners might not always be suitable to the public, this is a good compromise. Next month, we plan to elaborate further, then concentrating on the history of the congresses and the FIDE Albums. And we'll conclude with a look at the WCCTs, demonstrating a few studies from throughout their history.

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