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The only requisite is that you have a DSLR camera. You also get a kit of photography tips and tricks mini-ebooks including a guide on understanding main settings in your DSLR camera, how to use flash to get the right light, Photoshop plug-in recommendations and more. The E-book includes over creative shots by talented photographic artists, and How-to video tutorials.

Simple tweaks to camera settings that result in awesome shots which otherwise would have needed expensive equipment. Whether you want to become more creative or just need to make your pictures more special and enjoy while you are doing it, then the Trick Photography and Special Effects E-book is a good option for you.

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Special Effect Photography: Artist Inspirations

Skip to content Welcome Feel free to look around. Get our free Ebook and start planning your memorable trip to South America. Want to get insiders tips? Plus, drop by for a quick chat and expect to leave 2 hours later after watching a slide show on his laptop of the last pictures he took.

Yes, this is a costly way to spend your time and a great way to alienate people, but cheaper than drugs, although equally as addictive.

Trick Photography and Special Effects | Photographic Effects

Does one need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and computer support? Would taking courses help an amateur to do without all of that gear or merely influence a generation of new photographers to spend yet more money on their craft?

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Many professionals started out in high school or college with a series of expensive courses and spent several years learning from experts in the classroom how to do what a few obsessed amateurs were able to learn without the cost of tuition. These photo fanatics have developed the art by using numerous simple tools, some even making it to the ranks of pro-photographers without associated schooling.

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  5. They would tell you they learned from the school of experience which is often just as legitimate for someone with true passion and an obvious eye for arresting images. Many such individuals take part simply because it feels good to create a beautiful picture and cause people to gasp in admiration.

    He just picked up a camera and started clicking.

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    As the artist and author of Trick Photography and Special Effects puts it, he could not afford school and the tools for technological wizardry. These were all out of his price range, but nothing was going to stop him from figuring out how the experts manage to take such stunning and reality-defying pictures.

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    Did they do it with high-tech gadgets? Who showed them and what did it take to make impossible pictures from real world scenes?

    His passion became learning how the tricks were accomplished by experimenting on his own. It turns out those tricks are top secret, of course. They are like the closely guarded magic tricks and illusions of popular and pricey entertainers: you would not enjoy them as much if you were unable to suspend reality for a little while. Having those secrets revealed spoils the fun in a way, but also takes one into the creative minds of people who think these things up and look for ways to work with what they already have.

    Benefits Of Trick Photography and Special Effects Photographs | PHOTOGRAPHY

    Okay, so knowing the truth removes the magic but reveals the magic of human ingenuity. So his website continues to tell you, on and on. Sharboneau did not have money but was in possession of much determination. He lacked resources, but that did not prevent him from successfully discovering how to create the sorts of pictures featured in his e-book.

    Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook

    Testimonials from happy customers supposedly verify the truth of this statement. Sharboneau highlights this contrast constantly until readers will be convinced they are saving money by purchasing his book; at least customers who were about to buy expensive gear and enroll in courses. He also shares a few little tidbits on his long ad page. For instance, some of his tools include a flashlight, a laser pen, and assorted household gadgets.

    They are things many people already own or could purchase for very little money at the mall. Chosen shots demonstrate the types of effects you will be able to achieve such as painting with light, creating an invisible man who rides a bicycle, and placing multiples of one person in the same shot, defying gravity the whole time.

    This book is an extension of that blog or a compilation of what followers have been reading with some added material.

    Trick Photography and Special Effects

    Evan Sharboneau might not be trained, but he uses a lot of terminology that sounds very professional and legitimate. He talks about perspective, long exposure, stitching, and more. His word choices are enough to encourage admiration from the reader of his site but not so much as to overwhelm him or her. This is clever marketing language.