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Boston: The Documentary

This walking tour is an amazing experience. The guide, Isaiah Thomas, was so much fun. It's clear he has an acting background. He made the history come alive--he drew the group in at the dramatic points and made us all laugh at the funny ones. He clearly knew the history, and has led many tours through these crowded streets. He knows how to keep the group together and moving towards the next stop.

Mark went above and beyond to tell us the story of Boston and the sparks that ignited the revolution. He was knowledgeable, encouraged questions, and kept all enthralled. This tour is awesome. The tour is filled with amazing history and Prudence filled it with a lot of laughs.

Boston Bricks

Grab her if you can! My friend and I did the freedom trail with "Dr. Mather Byles" aka Ben Soloway. He was so informative I learned so much with this tour. Not to mention his English accent really added even more excitement to the tour. Thanks again for making my trip so fun all the way from California! I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we enjoyed our time on the Freedom Trail Tour!

Boston History Timeline | Major Events | Boston Discovery Guide

Lydia was a superb tour guide, adn we learned so much! My husband and I still refer to our tour and little pieces of info we remember. Boston's iconic 2. Thanks to preservation efforts, these cultural assets are still intact, which makes Boston truly unique as one of the few places in America to experience the actual sites and learn the history they tell while walking through modern city streets. Skip to main content.

accounts.mulso.co.uk/63.php Homepage Explore Featured Tours. Officially founded in by English Puritans who fled to the new land to pursue religious freedom, Boston is considered by many to be the birthplace of the American Revolution.

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It was here that the Sons of Liberty led by Samuel Adams , inspired colonists to fight for their freedom against the domination of British Rule. These settlers spotted land off of Cape Cod on November 9 and began to make way for their destination. Shallow shoals near Nantucket made it virtually impossible for the Mayflower to advance. She was forced to turn around and finally dropped anchor off of present-day Provincetown, Massachusetts on November 21, The Pilgrims created a new home for themselves, suffering through the cold New England winters, but eventually thriving and creating a strong community.

A mere decade later another group of Puritan colonists, led by John Winthrop, arrived in North America.

History Channel The Revolution 01 Boston Bloody Boston

They first landed in Salem in June of , but continued down the coast in search of clean, fresh water. The Shawmut Peninsula became their eventual home, as the town of Boston was officially founded in September of The Puritans came upon the lone resident of the Shawmut Peninsula, Reverend William Blackstone — an Anglican Priest who had left England in on a quest to find peace and quiet.

For his generosity, the Puritans granted him 50 acres of his own land, which he sold back to them 4 years later. This school would be renamed Harvard College in Paul owned this home from The charter took effect on May 14, This was the first time that England truly affected trade, livelihood and businesses in Boston and the colonies.

England eventually came to control the colonial outposts, but the staggering debt was so high that it nearly destroyed the English government. This debt caused the escalation of tensions leading up to the Revolutionary War, as Parliament continued to levy taxes in the hopes of recovering the monies expended on this conflict. Printed materials were taxed, including newspapers, legal documents, dice and playing cards.

As a result, the shipping industry and the legal systems of Boston were crippled. Effigies of crown-appointed officials were found to be hanging from the Liberty Tree, businesses and homes, including that of Lt.

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Governor Thomas Hutchinson, were destroyed. The revenue would pay for military expenses in the colonies and pay the salaries of newly appointed royal colonial officials.

Hancock had been suspected of smuggling goods into Boston, and therefore became a target of the authorities. Customs Officials believed that much of the cargo from the ship had been illegally unloaded at night, leaving only about one-fourth of the cargo upon which duties were to be paid the following morning. Hancock gained a great amount of support from the people of Bostontown, which would aid in his rise in prominence in the coming years.

Troops arrived in Boston Harbor accompanied by British men of war. Many of the colonies began their non-importations of all English goods.

The History of Boston, Massachusetts From 1630-1795

Although, despite the non-importation agreement, many merchant warehouses were full of English goods throughout the boycott. Other soldiers arrived on the scene, including Captain Thomas Preston. A club was thrown from the crowd, striking Private Hugh Montgomery, knocking him down. As the smoke cleared, five men lay dead in the street. He then persuaded Parliament to pass the new tax of three pence per pound. The Tea Act of was officially passed on May When a ship enters Boston Harbor, the owner has twenty days to unload the cargo and pay the duties upon it.

The deadline for the cargo aboard the Dartmouth is December Rotch returns to inform the assembled crowd that Hutchinson has refused their request.