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Below is just one example of part of this four week course, for you to use at any moment of your day. You can use it to step out of automatic pilot; to reconnect with the present moment and your own inner wisdom. Then ask: 'what's going on with me at this moment? What thoughts, feelings and body sensations am I experiencing right now?

Experience fully each in-breath and each out-breath as they follow one after the other. It may help to note at the back of your mind 'breathing in Let the breath function as an anchor to bring you into the present and to help you tune into a state of awareness and stillness. Especially take the breath to any discomfort, tension or resistance you experience, 'breathing in' to the sensations. While breathing out, allow a sense of softening of tensions in the muscles of your body and opening up and letting go of negativity, tension and disabling thought processes. You can also say to yourself 'it's ok to feel whatever i'm feeling' Include a sense of the space around you too.

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Hold everything in awareness. As best you can, bring this expanded awareness into the next moments of your day. How can counselling help me with Anxiety? Read More. Data Protection. Since last year when the data protection law changed, I became a member of the ICO, information commissioner's office.

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Below is some details of what information that I collect and what I intend to do with it. Information that I keep and why I need to collect it.

Length of time that I keep your details Data protection policy is that I keep your contact details of phone number etc on the privacy form for as long as you are in counselling with me. After that I will delete your number and your privacy statement that you sign.

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You do have a right to view any details that I take from you. Email Counselling. Available from the comfort of your own home.

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Enables you to decide where and when you write to your counsellor and how frequently. Provides you with the time to consider your situation and put your feelings and thoughts into written words. Provides a personalised response.

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Provides you with a written record of the response, that you can re-read, reflect and then carefully consider before you respond. How does Email Counselling Work? You send your email up to words to the secure email counselling address Each word email along with my response constitutes one counselling session.

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I will respond to emails within two working days. It would be helpful if your first email included the following details: some background information about yourself including your gender, age, marital status and any relevant health issues. And are payable in advance. To Receive Email Counselling 1. Pay for your email counselling by bank transfer. It could also be argued that the characters surrounding Fassbender's Counsellor are more compelling than he is, and that the plot gives him little to do other than act as a sounding board for McCarthy's beautifully written speeches.

These are major flaws for sure, but The Counsellor is by no means a failure. View the discussion thread.

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