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Do you have a method that has brought you success? Probably a 6th mantra Guru bhakthi is a tool not just for beyond but also now Thanks, the 4th one is just like switching onto different roles as an actor, live with joy.. Success is told once successfully accomplished, until then its failure which we usually go through. One doesn't actually count the number of failures in one life because his or her grief over frequent sorrows overpowers and overlooks the breaking point from failure to success. Fate, luck and fortune are cosmic strings which plays accordingly as per ones karma which is actually forecast.

Think positive and overcome your sorrows that in itself brings soul, mind and body to balance your life. Assess your risk taking abilities before taking a risk Person not knowing to swim, plunging in a mighty river ,is bound to die. Thanku, will certainly follow these points. I have been doing Isha kriya for some time that has created a very clear perception, thanks. When I had the worst time in my life, I accepted the situation as advised by my guru, , worst time passed over silently. But some attain success which is through their luck.

Destiny also plays a role at times. I try everyday and its a ongoing process of transformation for me.. I take life one day at a time, I forgave those who hurt me and cleared feelings of anger and animosity I felt for things and people, I want to make peace and live life naturally the way I am inside and that the same reflects my outside.

I go with the flow now and try not to force my self to accept any view but the one that reflects me the most! As i understand if the person really want to be success doesn't matter how many barriers he crossed. Very nice tips. I find success comes easily by taking incremental efforts everyday and reviewing where you are going once every day. I agree with the comments posted here regarding point 4 but I guess there are two rules that can help overcome. Be honest when you deal with those people. Get your conscience in front before your emotions when you interact with them.

Most of the time our emotions influence much in deciding the people we don't like. For a change, let conscience decide if we like or don't like them. Really, excellent and marvelous! It's fortunate to have sheer guidance from the Master - Sadhguru.

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Thanks a million! I just came out of a rough patch in my life and during the most challenging period I embraced my creator as he gave me the support and strength that I needed to survive the storm. I believed in myself and that I will come out of this difficult time and I did. I know now I'm truly blessed because I believed and my faith in my creator never wavered. I'm in a better place now spiritually because I never gave up during the trying times and just focused my mind and energy in the now!

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I will not live in the past I am now where I want to be and if I'm not there I will wait my turn patiently without any expectations. Success is not achieved until you embraced everything within you and transcend your limitations. Truly the only process which ever works is to consider every work as Gods work and in that moment of truth, the whole Divine Forces backs you up. It is an ongoing discipline. I tried with 4th one. People whom i teamed up with started thinking that i have gone mad A simple belief that 'I can do it' and a simple state of mind that 'this thing is made for me and I will get to it someday' makes all the difference.

I worked many times for me and I hope it keeps working! I used to read motivational books and personality development books. But, nothing helped. Finally I found out from Sadhguru's messages that, following inner integrity will be helpful. It knows all the answers and guides me into the right direction. Once we start to follow inner integrity, we will be able to do things consciously and ultimately we'll get joy whatever we do. I will have to find a way to be able to this but still i am more than willing to give a try. Thank you for this great post.

Toggle navigation. International Centers Europe 18 locations. Have you ever felt that it comes more easily to some than to others? Perhaps it's time for a new perspective. Read here about Sadhguru's 10 tips for success. Nov 17, Related Tags. Show Comments. Hide Comments. Yes u r right. Good post. Very true Good tips. You are on aright path. Acceptance is immensely powerful. Can move the mountains,. Thank you. That is good and productive, carry on.

Sadguru ,is always a savior. Thank u,I have to choose the fourth one and change my attitude.. A great statement, I ow my head to you sir. Let them, who cares,. Success is about our ability perform with our full capacity This is really inspiring. Thanks for wonderful tips. God bless. Perfect information to live by.

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Very well written article. It surely inspires a lot of people to achieve their goals in life. Thanks for sharing. So my simple technique is "Following inner integrity". Certenely, do good get excellent. Don't want to miss anything? However, once his salary guaranteed we were able to lessen the hit with the bonus we paid him to the acquiring team.

However, it would be tough to trade him at his salary this year. I can see them extending him before it gets to that point. A 4th it is. He was talking about the total value of the trade. So with the switch the 4th is not the full value. He has one of the fastest releases ever, which is invaluable to get the pass off to avoid rushers, and to get the ball to the receivers faster than the defensive backs can react.

The Niners are said to be interested in shopping their number 2 pick, if we were to trade up for the number 2 pick we could get Lock, Haskins, Bosa, Allen, whoever we wanted. And He is a Very cheap looksee. I watch his every game, and believe he could help us, dudes legit. Lock is a tuy that could not only fill our biggest need, but be a vital part in our rebuild. His lightening quick delivery will remind fans again why Marino was so successful. Speed kills in the NFL. This draft is deep with DL talent. No need to trade up for anyone. Stanger — Eh, seems like he just has his hate on for the Dolphins.

I think we might see improvement from both with this new staff. Of course, will have to see how many OL we draft this year. I say at least 2. I think they might give Davis a try at RT. Tradeups are not that horrible of an idea, if You identify the right guy for Your team and land him. Ireland had the best draft picks ever one year, 5 in the top 52 or whatever, and he totally blew it, so bad he was fired afterwards.

David, trading up for Lock is a huge reach. I do agree that we should sign Gilbert. I would do that and roll with Gilbert, Ruddock, and Falk. Got to build our trenches first. Like I said earlier, every OL we have on the roster right now is a free agent next year.

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Our OL will be patchwork at best again this season with backups and rookies. Better to fix that and get our QB next year. Miami will receive a fourth-round pick along with a seventh-round pick in exchange for Tannehill and a sixth-round pick. After the RT trade, the likelihood of Miami making a move for a QB seems mandatory, no longer optional. So what do We do? Murray seems destined for Cardinals, that leaves us with Lock or Haskins.

Haskins is very slow with his feet and passes, whereas Lock can get it out quickly. Their information is not accurate all the time or just plain bias. Not in this case, i do think it could have been worded more clear, or I could have read it better. LOL I see it is not working today though.

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I feel like the points getting lost though, lol. Trading RT means one of two things, They are clueless morons, or they have a plan yet to be revealed, I hope for the latter. All 3 are better than anyone in this class. Locke may not even go in the first round. Murray is the best, a special talent, so of course He goes number 1. I would be willing to bet a lot of money Lock goes first round, he is considered an early first rounder. We are not tanking, we are going to rebuild where we need to first and that is in the trenches. If we only win one game because of it, oh well.

We started our rebuild and can get the QB we want next year instead of reaching to the moon and giving up the farm for one who is…ok. We need to fix the OL. I like Lock because he has the fastest release and best arm. He was sometimes overconfident, and force passes into too tight of spaces, but his 12, plus yards and 99 touchdowns are better than ALL the names mentioned. He is a very prolific passer , with a Dan Marino type quick release that I would like to see behind our shitty offensive line,. There is no urgency to find our future QB this year. I saw a tweet discussion with Adam Beasley about the issue Tyreek Hill is facing and the Chiefs could possibly be interested in Kenny Stills who has a favorable salary cap.

It makes sense. They probably wish they still have Albert Wilson. All the other guys are easy re-signs if we want to keep them. Mike, not sure anyone can replace what Hill does for the Chiefs both on returns and on offense. No one called him an upgrade But signing Wilson and amend idols rather than Landry was a smart move in terms of where we are now. He then transferred to Washington and was required to sit out But keep your eye on him.

I actually slightly disagree with your earlier comment though Ken That all 3 are better than this class. His receivers even had 4 bad drops that game or he would have shredded them even more. I posted the video yesterday. Here is Lock vs Alabama. Lmao not even close! Lock has a cannon for an arm, and Dolphins are poking and prodding, they are interested enough for multiple visits.

Maybe they weeded him out, no ones saying, or maybe they are planning to select him. No one knows for sure til draft day, all we know is Miami is giving him multiple looks, at one meeting he met with over a dozen Fins executives, including Marino. This Only proves they are checking him out, very closely.

I did, and still remember it well. He can do it all, and even recruit top talent for a bonus. Browns love him, because they value what he brings to a team, we just wanted Amendola for some strange reason. Landry was a second round pick we let get away, and RT a first. We keep mismanaging people, keeping the ones we need to get rid off, and getting rid of the keepers.

It all starts this year by getting rid of RT and Amendola, We should only keep guys that can help Your team. But the past is the past.

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Questioning the past is a waste of time. We traded Tannehill and in that process bought a 4th rnd pick, if we were to dump Tannehill we would not have to pay the 5 mil. Cleveland paid 16 million for a 2nd rounder in the Osweiler trade. We may see more of this next year when we have big cap space, take a lame duck off another teams hands for a pick. The Texans traded Osweiler to cleve along with a 2nd round pick for a year so cleve could eat osweilers 16 mil salary due to the fact they had plenty of room under the cap they bought a 2nd rnd pick for 16 mil.

And find you in my closet rubbing your balls against my Landry jersey, we are going to need to have a talk. Even trade up to get him in Ireland fashion! I did mention he has a problem of forcing tight windows , he does have too many picks imo, but he is so prolific, hes a gunslinger like Farve or Marino. Our success depends on how well they can evaluate.

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Those numbers dwarf Fromm, Lock is a gunslinger prolific guy , Fromm is more of the game manager type. See my post below. The Fins are looking at him, so it depends on what they think, but trading up might also be a part of the plan, if indeed there is a plan for him. Fins are mum so far. I would be extremely surprised if he makes it past Denver. Denver is in need of everything, lol. Stills is a proven talent here. A 3rd draft pick is? They kept Parker…. Tannehill was NOT one of the best players nor any of the others we have let go and we got something for RT.

Also, we have created cap space by letting others go and setting up for the future. We do have some nice players on this team that should be with us for the now, the rebuild, and future or not. Trim the fat or mediocrity, but not our best. They are valuable until you find a replacement that is as valuable or more. That makes as much sense as someone putting their dick in a bee hive. There is nothing showing Fromm is so superior to Lock , we should just just lose games and tank a year. If the FO feels Fromm is their man, at least bring in a veteran QB this year and give it a go, tanking seems repulsive.

The competition at TE is going to be fierce this season. If he falls to us at 13 I am okay with taking him. Big-armed Missouri QB Drew Lock barely had time to get settled in here before the Dolphins summoned him to their cavernous suite for an interview. You feel it. You really feel a presence in the room. You would think that a meeting between Marino, perhaps the best pure passer in NFL history, and Lock, the self-anointed No.

Lock, who returned for his senior season at Missouri despite leading the nation with a conference-record 44 touchdown passes in , knows that the Dolphins are a team in flux. I think it would be an awesome spot, as would pretty much any NFL team be an awesome spot. Are you going to be OK getting acclimated? But it is believable. That, in itself, says a lot about who poorly Ross has captained his franchise. Possible trade partner for Daniel Kilgore. They only have a 2, 5, 6, and a 7. Would we take a 5th for Kilgore or would the Saints just draft one at 2?

Well we acquired Kilgore from the 49ers for a swap of 7th rd picks but that was largely due to them signing C Weston Richburg and wanted to get some cap relief at the same position. I would take one of the Saints two 6th rd picks for Kilgore to recoup the 6th we traded for Tannehill. This is such a terrible draft for QBs. The best two have so little experience and the rest are filler. Fromm- he already has 29 games under his belt and is as a starter.

Consistent numbers and one of my favs but he comes from a run dominant team with a great D and lots of talent. Herbert- 27 games and Has less talent around him than some other QBs here Tua games of excellence and Costello- and he has improved from Not a fan. Hurts- !! Probably a step below the top 3 but he will be playing at OU and they made an undersized late round pick into a top NFL prospect this year.

He has good numbers, lots of experience, and good size. Lincoln Riley is the real deal. I agree. Fromm is the one who impresses me most. Like you said, he comes from a pro-style run dominant team and still has thrown 54 TD passes in his first 2 years. A large part of that has to do with his football intelligence. He is very quick to read defenses and knows just where to attack.

I consider him and Tua to be elite and everyone else next year to be a step below. I really want to see how Riley and Hurts do together though. Very intriguing. I take Wake as being genuine and not just saying what every player says about a teammate. I think he would have said this even if he went to another team. Wake might tell his wife differently, but he has more class in his pinky than Vernon. Chris Grier doing work. Yep, now it is up to getting the right guys, and the right MIX of guys, and being able to coach them up for once. David, re: Dolphins talking to Lock and Murray, no big deal.

And the 4th QB is Rosen. And if Cards stick with him then one of the other 3 should be there. Build the trenches. Tannehill is all the things Wake said about him. And that is why Wake was being real polite and nice. He distinctly did not mention his QB skills. He has everything else, except for that intangible thing that all the greats have..

Bookman, agreed on Tannehill. I would not be surprised to see him play this season either. Reply Tim Knight says: March 16, at pm Classy stuff! The main reason I despised the mocking of Tannehill. OR, we might be able to trade down a bit and get more picks for this year… or maybe even next year. This is a rebuilding year and our expectations are very low to begin with. I see no need to reach for a Lock, a Grier, or anybody else in this QB class. M13, during a rebuild we should maximize the competition at QB and see who rises to the top.

Yes… I agree with this. Add a seasoned vet with upside via FA, and draft a QB on day 3. Mike Glennon — in particular — has so much untapped potential for a seasoned vet. I could see him taking off later in his career, much like Rich Gannon. When a lobster starts smoking, the world is bad shape. Who am I to judge since never played the position.? When you only have 4. He was a good professional. All you can ask from a player is to give his all…to play his best, and Tanny did. Circa — Tannehill would have never made that decision and throw. My only problem with him was his long delivery… and such is the case with so many tall QBs coming out of college.

If that can be fixed maybe it has been? Reply Randy says: March 16, at pm Tim, You gonna be okay, buddy? Need a sucker? M13, Glennon has never had the chance to have a 2nd season. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Updated salary cap. Armando was right. So does one build from the inside out, or the outside in? Add some talent and foundation to the trenches and make them both better right away.

We have skilled playmakers on both sides of the ball, we need more studs up front on both sides of the ball. In all seriousness… the NFL will start to pluck from that league. Hope he finds whatever was missing here. Just finished watching the MN Wild game. Three guys dressed up like the Hansen brothers sitting right behind the Wild bench. Slapshot is an awesome movie! Tim Knight says: March 16, at pm Updated salary cap. Why not trade Reshad and Stills.

Could get a 3rd for each. They will be getting in the latter part of their careers in 2 years when this staff gets this team going. I think Maurice Smith is ready to take that next step at safety. He will be in his 3rd year and I remember it took Reshad a couple years to get going. We will still have McDonald, Fitz and Smith. I soured on Stills. Then draft a rookie WR. We may very well trade Stills. But, seriously, I think it is possible we do trade him but if we do I think we may use him to get a player rather than a pick.

Definitely trade Reshad and Stills. If you can get some value for Stills, do it! Lou, I would take a pick or a player. I trust this staff to make the right decision for this team. Yeah, draft picks eventually become players anyway, but I love draft picks because you can move up with them too if you want to. I agree, especially after seeing the way they handled the Tannehill trade. I think the move kind of blindsided everyone because nobody expected what they did in order to trade him.

Turns into an explosive RB with the ball in his hands. Ran a 4. Mike, you say stay the course often and I have to say Grier is doing exactly what he said was the plan. Yes, I agree. Lou, I like your guy as well. We have not talked about it much here but this is a very deep WR class. Many have come out early. This is the time to cut ties with Stills and draft a WR in the mid rounds.

Take a look at his game vs Greedy Williams. I think he has a tough time getting off the line and getting separation in the NFL. I also still like Cody Thompson of Toledo as well. Another guy who can run great routes and has some nice speed.

follow link I like the guys that can get open quickly and give the qb a target. His wedding theme was blacklove. Do black people have different love than white people? I thought that was strange. I had no idea color was attached to it. I was just thinking about that with blacklove. What is it when a black person marries a white person? It was the threat of Ajayi though that opened things up for the passing game.

At this point why not just put a price tag on Stills and Reshad and see who is interested? Goes for pretty much everyone. That sounds and looks like a negative post Stanger. Hey man, get used to sports these days, and not just these days, always. Just an acceptance of reality as far as next year. You can call it negative….

The Browns were like losing a lot of games by close scores. But you of all people have seen the that win means our team is great followed by the loss means we are the worst team ever the next week. Should be interesting at least….. Hope all is well with you guys. MikeE, Our passing game that year performed pretty much as it always had under Tannehill. Our rushing attack was top That…and a very weak schedule…is whatgot us 10 wins. Until the run game opened up, Tannehill was struggling, and so was the defense. Once Ajajyi got going, even if he had a pedestrian game, the threat was there and Tannehill thrived from it.

The last 9 games of that season he was so much better than the first 5, He played his best football as a Dolphins QB in that span. Ajayi went over 4 times, and three of those were over , the other one was The team was first over everything. So, I expect him to bring a little bit of that culture here.

MikeE, Ok. Everyone has an opinion. It makes me feel better. Even when we have a top 10 rushing attack our OL gets absolutely NO love. It was somehow all Tannehill.