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HIV/AIDS & Immunodeficiency

If found to have TB infection, further tests are needed to rule out TB disease. The next step is to start treatment for latent TB infection or TB disease based on test results. Health care providers should prescribe the more convenient shorter regimens, when possible, as patients are more likely to complete shorter treatment regimens. The recommended treatment of TB disease in adults infected with HIV is a 6-month daily regimen consisting of:.

Six months should be considered the minimum duration of treatment for adults with HIV, even for patients with culture-negative TB.


In the uncommon situation in which HIV-infected patients do NOT receive antiretroviral therapy during TB treatment, prolonging treatment to 9 months extend continuation phase to 7 months is recommended. Prolonging treatment to 9 months extend continuation phase to 7 months for HIV-infected patients with delayed response to therapy e. Rifamycins a category of drugs for TB disease and latent TB infection treatment can interact with certain medicines antiretrovirals used to treat HIV.

One concern is the interaction of rifampin RIF with certain antiretroviral agents some protease inhibitors [PIs] and nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors [NRTIs]. Rifabutin, which has fewer problematic drug interactions, may be used as an alternative to RIF for HIV-infected patients. As new antiretroviral agents and more pharmacokinetic data become available, these recommendations on managing interactions are likely to be modified.

The care for persons with HIV-related TB should include close attention to adherence to both regimens of TB and antiretroviral treatment, drug-drug interactions, paradoxical reaction or Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome IRIS , side effects for all drugs used, and the possibility of TB treatment failure or relapse. Tuberculosis TB.

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Outpatient Administration of Intravenous Therapies in Patients with HIV Infection

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