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Scrolling author Sam Keener takes 3D scrolling to a new dimension and then some. Learn to identify the seven basic blade types, then try them out on a skill-building practice exercise. A historic, haunted Lake Huron landmark is the perfect project for kids and scrollers any age.

Dean Larson's lighthouse "Logscapes" unlock the inner beauty of humble pine. Have you been waiting to invite your children or grandchildren to join you at the scroll saw? Watch time melt away with this pair of popular puzzle-clocks that's sure to bring hours and hours of scroll-sawn pleasure to the whole family. Scroll your own "herd" of nine reindeer, along with a cozy little sleigh for Santa to hitch behind them. Making the most of workbench, machinery and storage layout in a limited space. For this well-known teacher and author, the world is literally his inspiration for scrolling.

Add a touch of elegance to your yard with this spectacular 30"-high feeder. Adding a fabric sail to your wooden project helps to catch the breeze and the eye. Your friends at Fox Chapel promote scrolling and carving at the nation's largest farm show. Why should I burn? What tools do I need? How do I letter my scrolled work? Find out in this insider's guide. Stained or natural finish, they are the perfect gift or the start of a wonderful holiday tradition.

A clever, practical and surprisingly simple technique to make ornaments or gift globes. An SSW Exclusive! Kathy's great design lets you choose the amount of detail and work! Paul presents 12 beautiful holiday patterns and then shares a new technique he has developed to make custom coasters, ornaments even air fresheners of your favorite team or company logo with your scroll saw.

Satisfy your yearnings for the road with this classic symbol of the open road. Be the 'apple' of a teacher's eye with this educational puzzle. Excalibur's new saw boasts an innovative assembly to change the cutting angle. Dremel's new tool combines a scroll saw, circular sander, and flexible shaft tool. Segmentation and staining techniques work together to create a realistic portrait.

A little experimenting with a woodburner can produce realistic texture in a variety of projects.


Think outside the wood box and try cutting a gourd and use a woodburner to add the world portrait. Neat little projects that are easy to cut, but look great holding up grocery lists. A consistent seller at craft shows, these ornaments are perfect for stack cutting and make great gifts. Changing the size of the pattern gives you endless variations with these designs. Create holiday memories with this instant heirloom that combines delicate fretwork and old world charm.

Based on an 's pattern, this hot plate will add elegance to any table setting. Contrasting woods and a striking design lend elegance to these functional coasters. Basic construction techniques transform this striking silhouette into a functional project. Contrasting woods and multiple layers add depth to this collector's plate. This handy storage box is cut in layers making it easy to adjust the size to your needs.

Exquisite details and richly colored woods give this piece breathtaking realism. Combine contrasting woods and two stack cutting techniques to create a unique project. Interchangeable inserts and delicate egg frames give a 3-D effect to these interlocking ornaments. Classic details provide an impressive look, but this vintage box is surprisingly easy to scroll. Simple construction and segmentation techniques combine for a practical and fun project. Learn to draft your own custom designs or just make this beautiful rose example.

These whimsical designs are fun to make and are an ideal use for your scrap wood. This easy-to-scroll project will be appreciated by anyone who hits the greens. Simple patterns make this quick and easy project ideal for summer celebrations. Use household items to make your own stain and create the look of exotic hardwoods. A traditional German lichterbogen, or lighted arch, sets the perfect scene for the holiday season. This scaled down version of a traditional grandfather clock is just as impressive as its full-size counterpart.

A beautifully white colored wood that is ideal for ornaments and intarsia work. Starting at the tender age of six, this scroller is serious about having fun with a scroll saw. Match unusual shapes with a your photo's theme for a unique and challenging puzzle. Scroll this adorable bunny by itself or include the Easter egg background for a festive holiday decoration. Intricate cutting and easy assembly combine for a beautifully functional project.

Quick and easy layered project adds a personal touch to your Thanksgiving Table. Capture the regal attitude of this jungle predator with a portrait-style pattern. Limited pieces and minimal shaping make this great project simpler than you'd expect. Innovative spiral technique creates a 3D decoration that collapses for easy storage. Kids will be thrilled when you decorate their walls with these large prehistoric shapes!

Just trace onto thin plywood, c Victorian Doll House Project Patterns. This Deluxe Doll House for 12" model size dolls folds closed for carrying and storing and is complete with about two doz Puzzles - Dog Breeds 2 Project Pattern. Make these 3-dimensional creations by simply cutting the cut lines at an angle and pushing the design in or out.

Set of Puzzles - Wildlife Collection 1 Project Patterns. This '57 Corvette is easy to make and has great interior and exterior detail. Easy to make layered banks are sure to be a hit with your sports star. Scrolled Heirloom Chess Set Pattern. Create our Chess Game using our full-sized pattern and step-by-step instructions. The finished playing board measures Children's Prayer Set Plans. Bedtime prayers bring soothing comfort to children Marble Gadget Chest Pattern. The Marble Chest is a superb, action filled marble mechanism in a handy tool chest package.

The lid opens to reveal an Washer Toss Game Woodcraft Pattern. The smaller the pipe, the bigger the score! Puzzles - Barnyard Animals Project Patterns. Large Cars Pattern. Wooden Toy Vehicles with heirloom-quality and built to last. Sure to be handed down for many g Doll Armoire Plans Woodcraft Pattern. Puzzles - Bird Collection Project Patterns. Puzzles - Wildlife Collection 2 Project Patterns. Doll Bench Plans Woodcraft Pattern. Puzzles - Marine Life Project Patterns.

Baby Initial Wall Plaques Pattern. Adorable Baby Elephant and Teddy Bear to display in your child's room. Large Cars Pattern - Downloadable. Front End Loader Pattern - Downloadable. Car Carrier Truck and Trailer Pattern. Animal Cell Phone Holders. Animal Cell Phone Holders - Downloadable. Baby Mobile Pattern Set. Includes both patterns to make our Aircraft Baby Mobile Semi Truck and Trailer Patterns. Semi Truck and Trailer Patterns - Downloadable. Character Cell Phone Holders. Aircraft Baby Mobile Pattern. A fun project to make for any child's room.

Excavator Pattern - Downloadable. Cherry Picker Pattern - Downloadable. Adorable designs feature simple painting and rectangular bases. Inclined option allows for charging. You get full-size p Can you believe that? According to John P. They are primarily dark colored, and they sport a distinctive bright orange teardrop patch just before the base of their tail. A wide orange bar also runs along the tail itself.

Achilles tangs like to hang out right where waves spill over into the shallow reefs — an area known as the surge zone. Moorish idols, with their wide vertical yellow, white, and black stripes, tapered nose, and tall thin dorsal fin, are one of the most recognizable fish on the reef. This species has even become famous on the big screen! Moorish idols can grow fairly large, attaining a length of over eight inches — and that on a primary diet of sponges.

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Pretty awesome, right? Yellowfin goatfish hang out in huge schools all day long, resting.

Although they have a horizontal yellow stripe running along their length and yellow fins, they sometimes look almost transparent. At night, these goatfish eat small organisms that live in the sand. Using the strong yet sensitive barbels attached to their chins, goatfish rummage through the top layers, searching for prey. Males of this species keep a harem of females, and when the male dies, the alpha female of the harem switches sex, becoming a male herself.

When I see parrotfish on the reef, I always get quiet and hold my snorkel breath for a few seconds. These fish are often mistaken for moorish idols when they are first sighted underwater. The pennant butterflyfish has a white body with two wide black vertical stripes, a yellow tail and dorsal fin, and another tall dorsal fin that trails like a pennant. Although they usually spend their time about 40 feet down, all you need to do to see them at Molokini Crater is put your face in the water.

Pennant butterflyfish are just below the surface. The black triggerfish looks simply black at first glance, but get closer and you are in for a wonderful surprise! There are gorgeous blue and green lines that radiate from their eyes at times, and if the fish turns sideways and you can see it catch the sunlight, the beauty and wonder of it will take your breath away! A neon blue line that looks like really cool caulking appears to attach their dorsal and caudal fins to the length of their bodies.

As they swim, these football-shaped fish toss these fins with flair, as a flamenco dancer does her skirt. Black triggerfish, also known as black durgon, are often found just below the surface at Molokini Crater and Kahekili Airport Beach Park. They consume algae, plankton, and fish eggs.

This energetic fish swoops just above the surface of the reef, flapping its pectoral fins rapidly to dive and turn all over the place. And then it will come back.

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And shortly it will be gone again, possibly to hunt for small invertebrates. When they are young, these fish are white with a black horizontal stripe down the middle. If an adult grows up to be smaller in size, it has a major advantage: it can switch to its younger coloration at will so as to not be bothered by large adults.

Who knew that fish ever lied about their age? Trumpetfish are one of the oddest-looking fish on the reef, at least by human standards. Long and thin when viewed from above, long and wide when seen from the side, and almost invisible when encountered face-to-face, these fish are superb hunters. They propel themselves slowly with fins located on the back of their body, and those are the only parts that move — besides their eyes, I surmise.

Trumpetfish, which are normally gray but can become bright yellow or olive green, are super patient. A fish for food, that is! The Hawaiian cleaner wrasse, like many locals, lives exclusively in the Islands.

Yin Yang Cats - making of scroll saw segmentation

These small fish are tri-colored, with a black horizontal mark that starts out thin but gradually enlarges until it almost covers the tail end of the fish. From stem to stern, the colors move from bright yellow to purple to magenta. Cleaner wrasses set up shop at a specific spot on the reef. The Hawaiian green sea turtle is an iconic living symbol of the Islands. While sea turtles generally swim at a slow pace, they can dash off extremely fast when they want to! Sea turtles are reptiles, and they breathe air at the surface. These turtles come up to breathe every few minutes when they are busy.

At rest, they can stay below for up to two hours. When you see one — and if you go snorkeling in Hawaii, there is a very good chance that you will! While you enjoy sharing space with such a graceful animal, never touch a honu, give them room to breathe, and let them swim whichever way they want to go. Thirty feet away is a safe rule of thumb — it keeps all species feeling on vacation.

This overlapping does not occur in our more common Hawaiian green sea turtle. If you see an endangered hawksbill while snorkeling, it is an occasion worth celebrating, because this turtle is quite rare in Hawaii. However, do not celebrate by releasing balloons, please. Deflated balloons are just one reason sea turtles have such problems near humans — they eat floating balloons that seem to be jellyfish, and afterwards they cannot dive or eat again, sometimes choke, and always die. Hawksbill turtles eat sponges as well as other invertebrates that live on the rocks.

Most hawksbill nesting sites are in the main Hawaiian islands, and these areas are vulnerable or already gone due to the development of beachfront properties. Totally cute turtle babies may be hatching soon! Spinner dolphins are extremely social, intelligent, and beautiful animals. They live in large groups called pods, resting together throughout the day and cooperatively hunting and feeding together at night.

Spinners eat fish and squid, and no one knows exactly why they spin they way they do. There are many theories, including a they do it for fun, b the spinning is a form of communication, and c the dolphins spin to shake off parasites or remoras.


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These dolphins are smaller and more slender than many other species, attaining an adult length of about 7 feet. The back of the dolphin is dark grey, the middle is a softer, lighter grey, and the lower third is a shade lighter than that. On the other flipper, when you see a spinner from below, their light grey belly blends in with the sunlight streaming in from above.

Do not approach, try to swim with, or touch spinners in the water — they need their rest just as much as we do, if not more. When was the last time you spent 24 hours in the ocean? They do it all day, every day! Your marine mammal respect is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Spotted dolphins are sleek and powerful marine mammals. Their beaks are tipped with white, as if each dolphin once dipped tentatively into a tiny cup of milk.