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Considering the project types developed for the program examples, depending on your needs, you should change the project type accordingly to a class library or Windows Form application. Visual Studio Community Edition — free or. Visual Studio Free trial. NET Framework 3.

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NET programming tutorial. Install and use Visual Studio Download, install and verify Visual Studio SP1. Install, setup, configure and use the IIS 5. Most of the program examples were run or tested on local machine localhost and this localhost, most of the time was connected to the Internet. This means, the client and server or sender and receiver programs were run on the same machine.

Some examples were run from different paths on the same machine.

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Some were tested on the private network, running the client and the server programs on different hosts. Well, let continue with more crap!

Other than we need to use the. NET framework, in these tutorials, there are no information and program examples for the Windows OS 'network' itself such as for Windows system programming, accessing Windows system resources through network etc. Broken link? NET ]. All rights reserved. Share and email to your friends and foes:. NET Code Examples. For Windows platform, before the. Winsock 1 is based on the Berkeley Socket. Winsock is still there, 'wrapped by'. Here are a few of my favorites. Windows Forms have been enhanced in a number of ways.

One of my favorites improves upon No-Touch Deployment that was introduced in the first version of the.

These enhancements allow you to create a Windows Form-based application and deploy it as if it were a Web form but with the power of the smart client. You can write your application, deploy it to a server, and have it and any updates auto-downloaded to the client computer on first use. From that point on, it exists on the client computer, allowing you to do cool things like running applications offline, rolling back to a previous version, listing it in the Windows Start Menu, etc. Enhancements to Code Access Security allow you to define what capabilities this application has.

It's safe and easy to deploy. In addition to those capabilities, there are a slew of new controls including an Office-style toolbar, a sound component that can run in partial trust, Web browser controls, and new ways of laying out your controls for automatic positioning and resizing. There are a lot of enhancements to make asynchronous programming easier. The Whidbey release of ASP. NET has a number of new features as well.

Master Pages allow you to quickly share a layout across multiple pages, similar to visual inheritance in a Windows Form.

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Themes and skins allow you to standardize the look and feel of a Web site, and can be easily packaged, transferred, and applied to other Web sites. Visual Studio. NET and C support. Additionally, Microsoft has added support for all the latest devices including the Smartphone, Windows CE.

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NET 4. One of the key features of Visual Studio. NET Whidbey is that for the third release, there have been no changes to the data access model. Access and use of ADO. NET got easier! Both Windows Forms and Web Forms provide a set of new controls that can be used for interacting with data? Databinding has been simplified, as has the design process of creating data-aware forms for both types of applications.

ObjectSpaces eliminate the gap between data and object manipulation, allowing you to work with your data as objects. Whidbey facilitates the creation of business-critical Web services that involve multiple trust domains, long-running operations, and peer-to-peer communications.

NET Whidbey is more than changes to languages and Frameworks? Like the language enhancements, there are a number of core changes, and some that affect only specific languages. In addition to what I've discussed, there are a slew of other enhancements. I especially would like to call out two other major features:.

I hope that you have a good idea of the type and scale of enhancements coming in the next major version of Visual Studio. For a product roadmap that includes Visual Studio. My Subscriber Account Advertise Write. Training Home Classes Mentoring State of.

Staffing Home Looking for Staff? Looking for Work? Contact Us. Dark Kimbie. This article was published in:. This article was filed under:. Language Enhancements There is continued support for interoperability between languages.


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Core Language Enhancements All languages in Whidbey support core enhancements. Generics : The CLR includes a type-safe, high-performance, compile time-verified version of Generics, which. Partial Types: This allows you to break a class into multiple files, and is useful for classes that may be partially computer-generated you can put the computer-generated portion in a separate physical file from the code that you write , and for easier maintenance of large classes.

Enhancements to Visual C include: Iterators: Constructs that simplify the creation of enumerator patterns Anonymous methods: Allow you to create code blocks that can be encapsulated in a delegate and executed at a later time Visual J Language Enhancements Visual J Whidbey includes a number of new enhancements, including: Browser controls: Allow you to migrate existing applet source code to run on the.

Windows Clients Windows Forms have been enhanced in a number of ways. Devices Visual Studio. Data Access One of the key features of Visual Studio.