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But can she trust him?

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From the urban streets of the city to the dark alleys and sinful bars that promise a wickedness a girl from the farm has never before been exposed to, Lucinda gets drawn irreversibly into the dark side of life. And if the Master of the City has his way, she will always be his. For eternity. The writing was seamless and the character development was outstanding. With vamps, ghouls, shifters and magic, the world is complex, the characters engaging, and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series!

I definitely recommend this book, and I think you need to read it!! The writing was seamless and the character development was outstanding. Lucinda Monk is a bank teller by day and a vampire hunter by night - and she is good at it. Too good - which is why the Master of Auckland summons her for a visit. Michel Durand, the powerful, drop dead, pardon the pun gorgeous alpha-vamp, knows there's somethin This is the best vampire book I've read in a long time and if you like the paranormal world of vampires, shape shifters, ghouls and magic this book is a must read!

Michel Durand, the powerful, drop dead, pardon the pun gorgeous alpha-vamp, knows there's something different about Lucinda, something those creatures she hunts, want - including him. Unfortunately, our feisty and strong willed heroine needs to stay one step ahead of the enemy and to do so, she has to let the enemy in; which goes against everything she believes. Vampires are dark, she is light, though she can sense the good in Michel, his years of practice can easily penetrate her, seducing her with his power.

Michel is fascinated by his attraction to Lucinda and lets her know it right away, but she has another problem; vampires, at least the purely evil ones, are growing by the numbers and one little vampire hunter isn't going to cut it. So, Michel offers Lucinda his protection. Luckily, she has developed the unique ability to block a vampire's affect of seduction and manipulation, but Michel is stronger and more powerful and every day they spend together; their connection becomes more intense, even for her to deny. It perfectly depicts the relationship between Lucinda and Michel and the song's lyrics kept haunting me; revealing Michel's power and also his vulnerability when it came to loving Lucinda.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It's first person narrative allowed the reader to enjoy Lucinda's sarcasm, humor and internal banter; which had me giggling to myself, a lot. Clearly, Claire has a unique ability to pull you in immediately and keep you captivated, which is a reader's dream and I truly had a hard time putting this one down. There was action, mystery, intrigue, romance and deliciously steamy love scenes that would make any girl swoon for her very own vampire. I was a little sad for this story to end, however am delighted to tell you that this is the first book in a series of eight and I cannot wait to get back to my new favorite vampire series!

Well done, Ms. Claire - I am bitten smitten! View all 77 comments. View all 13 comments. With vamps, ghouls, shifters and magic, the world is complex, the characters engaging, and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series! Many thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

View 2 comments. This is feeling like it's gonna be a long one and may contain mild spoilers. The heroine, Lucinda, is a vampire hunter instead of a necromancer who hunts vampires Anita , but she has a very similar attitude. Lucinda's best friend is a shifter, much like Richard is in the A.

That really would be far too much to chalk up t This is feeling like it's gonna be a long one and may contain mild spoilers. That really would be far too much to chalk up to coincidence , but it's Michel's similarities to Jean Claude that really raised my eyebrows. Jean Claude from A. Michel from Kindred is an ill-defined master vampire, whatever that is. Michel is the master of his city.

Brides of the Kindred Series in Order - Evangeline Anderson - FictionDB

Both are tall. Both have dark, longish hair and blue eyes. Michel is years old and powerful. Both are French both from peasant families. Both are fashion conscious. Both were changed to vampires in their early thirties—J. Both have voices that are described as having a physical sensory response in the heroine, strokes their skin and such. Both visit their heroines in her dreams.

Both use a little French pet name for their romantic interest—J. Removed from context and set side by side, I literally wouldn't be able to tell one from the other. Given the similarities, I suppose I can say with complete confidence that if you liked Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter you'll like Kindred. Personally, I found both of them fairly so-so. Not horrible, but I didn't fall in love either.

In the case of Kindred I found that I basically enjoyed it, but had some fairly serious complaints too. To start with the positive, I like that Lucinda was an unapologeticly sexual woman, without any kind of fuss needing to be made about virginity or lack of experience.

It just wasn't mentioned at all and at 24 year old, it doesn't need to be. I really appreciated that. So often, PNR heroines are made out to be chaste maidens and the reader has to sit through endless scenes of mental agony over the consequences of having sex. I liked that this book skipped all that. She had sex, but there wasn't the need to dramatise it. I also liked that the basic vampire psyche was fairly well thought out and thoroughly explained. It really gave the reader a good understanding of their actions, especially when dealing with instinctual responses to things.

Most of the time, I also liked Lucinda and Michel. Lucinda was fairly sharp and truly brave and Michel could be really sexy sometimes. I didn't always like them though. Lucinda seemed to constantly be crying over some little thing or another.

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It made her seem weak. And Michel was a jackass as often as he was a sweetheart.

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Lastly, I liked that the book was set in Auckland, New Zealand. The US, followed by the UK are the settings for the vast majority of the genre. It was refreshing to find myself somewhere new, with new terminology, cultural norms, etc. Next, to move on to things that irritated me; I'll start with the minor stuff. Michel spoke of it as if the vampires and the hunters had come to an agreement, or an 'accord' probably, and agreed to it. But the symptoms and consequences are biological. So how does that work then? What's more, if it is all based on some past agreement between the species, even one that later somehow became engrained in the biology of hunters and vampires, how can a hunter be forced into it?

How, exactly, the bonding takes place was never fully explained. There was a social ceremony but it wasn't clear which aspect of it actual initiates the binding. I was left confused about one of the most important aspects of the plot. Similarly, the whole dream walking made little sense either. She could physically, but invisibly, appear elsewhere with tools she didn't have with her where her physical body was and actually affect physical reality. Seems unlikely, but more importantly how could that happen?

There is a fairly dramatic event around that time that then requires the introduction of a whole new threat plot and reads as a separate, but related novel. There are even the occasional recap passages one finds in sequels to remind them of what happened in previous books. The shift felt abrupt. I might not even mention it if this was a stand-alone book.

I would just assume the author was trying to keep the whole story in one text and appreciate the effort. But there are 7 subsequent books in the Kindred series, so why not just break it up and make it a 9 book series instead?

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Lastly, for the small irritants, there are a series of deus ex machina events. These always annoy me. She repeatedly saves the day, or at least the lives in a situation, by pulling some unknown ultra-power out of her back pocket without knowing how or even that she was capable. These powers weren't supposed to have manifested yet, but the miraculously do whenever she needs them. That always strikes me as weak. Now, to move on to the admittedly vague major thing that made me grind my teeth. Lucinda was demonstrably powerless. Sure she pulled out the superpowers when need be, but I'm speaking of social and interpersonal power, not magic or fighting skill power.

For all the times she went on and on about equality, her wants, needs and desires were walked over repeatedly. Even her own emotions were manipulated by a variety of male characters. It was as if she had no defence against the men's overpowering presence or that as a woman she had no control over her own sexual responses. God, women have been shoved in that box for generations and I still hate it.

And this manipulation wasn't just done with vampire super mind control you know glaze, glamour, rolled mind, etc but by the fact that she was repeatedly distracted from justifiable anger by giving in to sexual desire when angry, or even worse regretted and cried, then apologised for her own feelings or appropriate retaliation for offences. Why should she have to do this? Men in this book were allowed to get angry, stay angry and react in anger.

Women just aren't supposed to do that We've all heard some version of it, 'suck it up honey let the men handle it. They obviously know better than you, even if it makes you want to swallow your own teeth. The problem is that it was written as if to suggest she wasn't, but actions speak louder than words, as they say, and Lucinda was not the one able to cause change in herself or others, she was only the recipient of it and she then wasn't even allowed to be angry about it. As an example, Michel denied her demand to see Rick her best friend.

Michel placed his own image, not even his or her wellbeing, but his image, above her very clearly expressed desire. She never did get to see Rick and he never had to face putting her wants secondary. A second example one that showed up more than once , she wanted to join a fight. He locked her away, despite her protest to prevent this. Circumstances always progressed such that she never remained angry at this and he never had to alter his behaviour. Even a blatant physical and nearly fatal attack Michel against Lucinda, because she smelled of another is dismissed because it's vampire nature.

When Lucinda briefly retaliated it might be better stated as fought back , she stopped when he asked, despite the fact that her similar pleas hadn't even paused his attack.


Guest Book Review (by my sister) – Claimed (Brides of the Kindred book 1) by Evangeline Anderson

Then she cried, apologised and felt bad for her actions. Did Michel? Nope, not all. He's allowed his anger and reactions to it. Lucinda wasn't That's like asking a woman to apologise for hitting a man back, without asking the man to apologise for hitting her first, because men and not women are, by their very nature, violent creatures.

Proverbial show of hands, anyone here find that an acceptable scenario? Because all I did was swap the word vampire for man. That's exactly how it's presented in the book, more than once even. We can pretend she was an equal to Michel, but she was shown to be less able to control herself, her emotions, her environment and her mate than he was.

I hate to read more into this than is there, and I'm not claiming the author wrote it this way on purpose. Instead, and in a way worse, I think it's a subconscious mimicking of the basic male hegemony. That's what makes it so pervasive. It's either unseen or seen as the natural way of things. Even a female author, who likely thought she was crafting a strong, in control, female lead instead wrote a classically second-class little woman. I hate that! The writing itself was pretty good. The book could do with a little more editing. There are a few typos, it can occasionally be difficult to tell who is speaking and it's occasionally repetitive.

So, final word I had some major gripes, which I'll admit as many people as not will role their eyes at, but it was still an amusing read. There was a decent amount of humour and some pretty good sex scenes. View all 3 comments. I have lost count of how many series I have started only to drop them a couple or one book in.

Stupid slump! It's 3am. Sleep beckons. Also, reading slump equals review slump. No, I'm not gaga over him. He pisses off my independence and self-worth too much for that. Once again, not a big fan of the names. Might just be me but Michel sounds downright girly for a year-old vamp. Or any self-respecting man for that Don't get you feathers all ruffled up, where I'm from Michel we spell it Mishael is a name for women.

So, Book This book was recommended to me by my friend, Leslie over at The Indie Bookshelf, and I decided to make it my Halloween read. Thank you, Leslie, for your recommendation. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! This book gives a very different spin on vampires and shapeshifters. No, they don't sparkle and there was no bad DNA in the mix, but there is something very different about them. But, that is not at all what this book is.

Brides of the Kindred

Kindred completely stands on its own in originality. Lucinda Luce has moved to the city from the farm life with a challenge of hunting down rogue vampires; she is the hunter with attitude. She is the best in her craft, which grants her the attention of one sexy Master vampire. Lucinda has special abilities with regard to the supernatural, but she just doesn't know how special she is I loved Lucinda and her snarkastic attitude.

Whether she was afraid or not, she knew to put up a brave front in order to survive, but she is willing to take on whomever or whatever she has to in order to protect innocents from falling victim to the rogues Well, that all comes to light when Lucinda discovers her family history and the connection with her supernatural abilities.

I laughed at so much of Lucinda's dialogue and inner monologue in this book. The story is told in Lucinda's point of view, but the writing really made it feel as though Lucinda was in the room with me telling me a story or just sharing the normal events of her abnormal day He wants to ensure Lucinda's safety She is the light to his dark. He wants to claim her as his own. Well, we know where that can lead, but he really is very drawn to Lucinda, however she is immune to a vampire's glazing abilities.

But, the more time they spend together, the more time Michel has to work his magic on Lucinda, break down her resistance, and try to win her to him. But, then there's Nero, Lucinda's special friend and trainer. The sparks between Michel and Lucinda are hot, but Nero may just be the one to douse those sparks There is the potential for a love triangle there, and I honestly can't tell who I would rather see Lucinda with, because I really liked both Michel and Nero. I will say that something special happens between Michel and Lucinda, but I won't tell you what it is. I'm such a tease You'll just have to read the book and find out This book was action packed from the first page.

I was immediately drawn in, and Nicola Claire has a unique way of telling a story. I envisioned one of those virtual reality thingies while reading I could see the characters sitting there in the same room as me while I watched the story play out with my eyes as I read. That was a new and great experience for me.

I've seen movies play in my head before, but I've never watched the story happening in the same room with me before. I liked that experience. The story has its own special vocabulary, but the author helped me out with the terms in the story by supplying a glossary at the beginning of the book. Is there romance in this book? Yes, there is, with a few steamy scenes to boot. The love scenes were a bit toned down compared to others I've read, but they were steamy just the same.

You will be swooning and pining for your own Michel I may have just moved my Brit heroes to the side with a French replacement I give this book 4. View all 4 comments. At its heart Kindred is a romance story, that just happens to feature sexy vampires, vampire hunters, and a kindred connection between the two never before seen.

This was a great fresh take on the vampire world. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the second book! The fight scenes in this book are well thought out and had me on the edge of my seat rooting for the good guys! Joanne Wadsworth. Age of Night Book One to Three. May Sage. Assassins Bundle Two. Toni Aleo. Kristin Harte. Hard Flip. Allyson Lindt.

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