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Really, a lot of business polices, his game line ADD, and a lot of his design choices make sense in this context.

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Hey, I'm the author of Fursona. Thanks for the plug. I also did a supplement specifically riffing on the Dog Boys entitled Project: Genehound, for my "Psi-Watch" campaign world. Witch would be better, with their mysterious patrons being Alien Intelligences. Psions for sure, but they have unique powers that need to be converted over. Telepath is suggested.

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Thursday, December 1, Rifts to D Some magic creatures have the supernatural ability to instantly heal damage from weapons or ignore blows altogether as though they were invulnerable. The numerical part of a creature's damage reduction or DR is the amount of damage the creature ignores from normal attacks. This information is separated from the damage reduction number by a slash. If a dash follows the slash, then the damage reduction is effective against any attack that does not ignore damage reduction.

Whenever damage reduction completely negates the damage from an attack, it also negates most special effects that accompany the attack, such as injury poison, a monk's stunning, and injury-based disease. Damage reduction does not negate touch attacks, energy damage dealt along with an attack, or energy drains.

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Nor does it affect poisons or diseases delivered by inhalation, ingestion, or contact. Attacks that deal no damage because of the target's damage reduction do not disrupt spells. Spells, spell-like abilities, and energy attacks even nonmagical fire ignore damage reduction.

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Sometimes damage reduction represents instant healing. Sometimes it represents the creature's tough hide or body. In either case, other characters can see that conventional attacks won't work. If a creature has damage reduction from more than one source, the two forms of damage reduction do not stack. Instead, the creature gets the benefit of the best damage reduction in a given situation.

The following table shows what type of enhancement bonus is needed to overcome some common types of damage reduction. There you have it, Damage Reduction. Damage Reduction can effectively replace Mega-Damage points. For biological creatures made with carbon-based chemistry. Vehicles and piloted Robots Mecha have something similar -- Hardness.

http://m-asia.ru/includes/22.php Only SpaceMaster and Rolemaster beats the number of Skills. However, they are based on percentiles and you have to roll low to succeed in your skill. Roll a die, beat the target number, and you succeed. The psychics can cast psychic effects based on their effective power level.

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This is basically to replicate book wizards. But Authors have one superiority over games. Rifts is a goal-oriented game i. An Author can write a story about a befuddling wizard's Apprentice who can control the weather. Pathfinder still uses the casting system based on Jack Vance's Dying Earth series, but there are ways to overcome this Advanced d20 Magic anyone? This isn't half bad, as the Palladium game system is rules oriented.


Fortunately, you can get feats every odd level or so. Great idea, poor execution.

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